Oils That Work Wonders.

It’s always handy to have a few good oils in your bathroom cupboard, as I know my oils have saved my dyed and damaged hair many times, gave my skin that very needed moisture boost that I couldn’t get from a cream and they have also helped to rescue my dried out makeup products from time to time. Read on for more information on how I would suggest using them.

So I’ll start off with my most treasured oil…

1. Coconut Oil; This has so many uses, like all of the oils I have on this list, but this oil is definitely (in my experience) the best at taking off makeup out of them all. It can also be mixed with your moisturiser. Although if you have oily skin I wouldn’t use this too often as a moisturiser as I have read it can slightly clog your pores, but don’t let that stop you from using it as a make up remover – just make sure you cleanse it off after!


Coco Fresh Coconut Oil, around £2.50 from B&M.

2. Argan Oil; this oil can be used on both hair and skin, it is very moisturising and leaves them both softer. I would mix this with my moisturiser daily and my dry skin really thanks me for it. I started using argan oil on my hair after it was recommended by numerous hairdressers. I have used many types of argan oil on my hair, from cheap ones I got in Poundland to RoCo’s beautiful, but a little dearer version. If you are looking to make an actual difference to your hair, I would recommend splurging and spending that extra bit of money on the more expensive, but most definitely better ones, as in my experience the results they gave were far superior and they left my hair so silky and my skin feeling beautiful. The cheaper ones did not really have an effect on my hair, I could have probably gone without using them easily and would have produced the same finish. But I’m not talking about spending £20 + on it (unless you want to of course), most of the ones I like range from £5-£15.99, so they are pretty reasonable. If anyone reading this does know of a great and cheap argan oil, feel free to tell me, I’d love to try it!

P.s. I sometimes mix agran oil with my ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow’ and my ‘Maybelline Gel Liner’ when they are getting a little dry and dead, this really helps to get them back to their ‘just opened’ phase, which is my favourite phase, as that is when they produce their best results.

Heres some of my favourites… 

argan oil

Miflora Argan Oil, £15.99 from Holland & Barret.

(Its half price at the moment!)


Renewing Agran Oil of Morocco (for hair), £6.99 from Superdrug.



RoCo’s Natural Argan Oil, £10.95.


3. Castor Oil; My eyebrows love this oil the most. Years ago when I over plucked them (and I’m sure many people reading this have felt my pain), someone suggested I put castor oil on them, to help them to grow back, and I am so very grateful for this kind soul, advising me to do this, as it did indeed help my brows to grow back, and very quickly at that. Now when I have time, I dip a spoolie into this oil and just sit and comb my brows with it (a glimpse into my extremely exciting life…).

Even now when my brows are as thick as I want them I still use this, as I find that the next day (after wearing it overnight) they are so much easier to fill in, as the hairs are lovely and soft. You can also use Castor Oil as an over night, all over hair treatment, in my experience after doing so, my hair is so much thicker the next day and it feels stronger. Although if you are going to do this you must shampoo your hair without water first to make sure you get all of it out. It can also be rubbed onto the scalp to increase hair growth. I also use this as an eye cream, as its ridiculously moisturising, and I want to stop fine lines appearing around my eyes as much as I possibly can.


Pure Castor Oil, £2-4, Spiceland in the Waterside Derry.

(Although they have been out of stock of this recently, but different versions are available on many sites online.)


4. Jojoba Oil; This is another moisturising oil, I would use this oil in a similar manner to my argan oil. I think both of these oils are brilliant and neither is better than the other, it’s really just down to personal preference (but I personally prefer argan oil).


Jojoba Oil, £19.99 from Holland & Barret.

(It may seem pricey but the bottle is huge.)



Why not try all of these oils together? A Cocktail Hair Treatment! Which is amazing for my dry and dyed hair…

I massage, Coconut, Argan, Jojoba and Castor Oil onto my hair, I then leave it on over night and shampoo my hair dry the next day & then proceed onto my normal routine. It feels good to marinate yourself every once in a while.

Let me know what yous think of these oils in the comments, or if yous have any other magical uses for them, Karen X


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