Products I couldn’t live without from my Favourite Brand.

So, if anyone who knows me is reading this, yous probably know who my favourite brand is, but for those of you who don’t, it is the amazing, pure and non-comedgenic Bare Minerals! I am going to focus on their make up products on this post as my ‘Skincare Ritual’ post gave information on my favourite skincare products by them, so there is no point in boring yous and repeating myself.

I will list these products in order of how I would use them.

  • So to start off with, the ‘Original’ or ‘Brightening Prime Time’. I have always taken these primers for granted as I always have about 3 in my kit, but when I was on holidays last week I unfortunately forgot it, and you really don’t realise what you’ve had until its gone. (Dramatic, I know, but the title of this post is a bit dramatic so I must stay consistent…) Anyways, I got a cheap ‘NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer’, which was okay and was certainly better than no primer, but it definitely has nothing on Prime Time! Prime Time just feels so luxurious and silky and ensures an extremely smooth make up application. If you are near a Bare Minerals stand I would recommend trying out a tester of it on the back of your hand to see for yourself. P.s. it has aloe vera & chammomile in it so it is really cool and soothing.


Prime Time, £24

  • The new Bare Pro Liquid Foundation. This delivers on everything, its long lasting, full coverage (when you use 2 pumps on each half of your face), a luminous matte finish and ITS GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. Lol, got a bit excited there, but I just think that’s amazing, most full coverage and long lasting foundations come with a price for your skin… but this one doesn’t, it actually improves your skin. I would advise putting this foundation on with a buffing brush to get the best finish/coverage.

Here is a photo of the Bare Pro Liquid on in shade ‘Silk, 14’ with Mineral Veil on top to set it. This picture was actually taken 6 hours after application, with no touch ups or setting spray & no editing at all, just flash.


Bare Pro Liquid, £29

I am also wearing ‘Invisible Bronze’ in Tan to contour and ‘Warmth’ as a bronzer in this photo. (I am mentioning this as I talk about these products below.)

  • The ‘Original Foundation’ which is a loose powder foundation that goes on like a cream. It is actually the second best selling foundation on the market at the moment in the UK and for good reason. It gives you a beautiful glow and can be worn by itself or over any foundation to give you that extra bit of coverage and the most beautiful glowy finish. (Don’t worry, it is not super dewy, just the perfect amount.)


Original Loose Foundation, £27

  • Another favourite of mines is the, ‘Correcting Concealer SPF 20‘ in shade Light 1. This concealer offers the most coverage out of all of their concealers, from my experience. It is great for highlighting and for craving out your brows out due to the packaging and the consistency of it.


  • The ‘Mineral Veil’ would come next, I absolutely love the name of this product, it sounds so magical. This is a setting powder, it looks like a white powder but when applied it is translucent, so it won’t change the colour of your foundation. I would really advise using a setting powder as it makes the biggest difference. I think of this as a seal for my makeup, holding it together or protecting it, like the Wall in Game of Thrones lol. It also blurs out fine lines and pores to ensure the smoothest finish possible. P.s. I used to never use finishing powder and just used foundation or a powder foundation, and I always wondered why my make up would separate throughout the day and always need a topping up. I then realised this was because I didn’t use finishing powder. (Just thought I’d add this if anyone doesn’t use one and is wondering why their make up isn’t staying on properly!)


  • The newish, ‘Invisble Bronze’ in Medium and Tan. If you want to use this to contour, I would suggest using the Tan version, as its the perfect taupey colour for creating smooth shadows. I love how soft my contour looks when I use this as it doesn’t produce a muddy/harsh contour, which I am trying to stray away from, as it may look good on instagram but in real life settings it is not very flattering (in my opinion). I know make up is an art, so no way is right or wrong and we all have our own preferences. The colour medium is more of a bronzey colour but is still suitable for contouring or bronzing.


‘Invisible Bronze’ in Tan, £25.

(How nice is the packaging?)

  • ‘Warmth’ – this is a little pit of gold (don’t worry, its not gold in colour though), it can be used for bronzing or as an eye shadow, I love this. Its a creamy mineral bronzer and it looks great over a contour to provide some ‘life’ to the face.


  • And finally, the Lip Liner, ‘On Point’, this is beautiful, creamy and a lovely brown/pinkish nude colour, so it goes with almost everything I own that isn’t a statement colour! I love this paired with ‘Friendship’ Liquid Lipstick, which is long lasting and isn’t drying. This lip colour suits almost any colour of eye shadow, even orange!


Lip Liner, £14 / Matte Liquid Lip, £17

I feel like the layout of this post was inspired by my A Level History notes. Anyways, hope everyone is well, hope you enjoyed, Karen. X


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